Do you have hardware that ensures that your system does not work with haiku or even crashes causes, then make sure that your system ignores them.

Of course, you need to know what causes your system to crash. You will then hopefully get a  bug report from DeBugger.

If you can determine the cause of the problem, then add the error into the Haiku BUG tracker:">

For example, if your problem is a driver of your hardware, you can blacklist it.

Here in the example for this tutorial is the iprowifi2200 WiFi driver that did not even start my system.

In /boot/system/settings create a new text file called packages (if not already available).

Enter the following lines:

Package haiku {
        EntryBlacklist {

Then save the file and the specified driver will not be lead next time the system is started.

The Packages file does not have to be executable.