Sometimes you want to add the Version Info and a description to your program.

In this example you can see that the version and description (Beschreibung) is empty.


To set this, you can use the command setversion over the terminal. to do that, open the Terminal and type setversion -h and press Enter. 

setversion -h

After this you get this information.

setversion: you did not specify any version

Usage: setversion filename
[ -system <major> <middle> <minor>
[ [ d | a | b | g | gm | f ] [ <internal> ] ]
[ -short <shortVersionString> ]
[ -long <longVersionString> ] ] # system info
[ -app <major> <middle> <minor>
[ [ d | a | b | g | gm | f ] [ <internal> ] ]
[ -short <shortVersionString> ]
[ -long <longVersionString> ] ] # application info

To set the version and the description you can use the example code below.

Example code:

setversion /Share/Projekte/yab_hpkg/repomaker/repomaker_0.4.5 -app 0 0 0 -long "This is a tool to manage your own Repository"

In this example i define the location of the app. After that, i write the version for major middle minor.

Keep in mind, that between the major middle and minor value is a space, not another character. No Minus or dot or somethink else.

 After the minor string it is possible to set the long version info text with

-long "This is a tool to manage your own Repository"

If you set the app version and the long description with the previous example code, you get this result.


Here are a list of further option, but i didn't test it right now.

d development
a alpha
b beta
g gamma
gm goldenmaster
f final