What is EGSL?

EGSL stands for "Easy Game Scripting with Lua" and is a Lua interpreter. The interpreter is implemented in Free Pascal and used for video and sound output SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image and SDL_gfx.

An additional program allows you to create standalone programs in which the EGSL interpreter is bound by the script, which is independent from the installed EGSL interpreter executable.

You can get EGSL software.besly.de


To install EGSl, download and extract it on your system. Then copy the two binary files "egsl" and "makeexe" to "/boot/home/config/bin".

As mentioned previously needed EGSL sdl and lua. You can take them from one of the download websites or you can use the installoptionalpackage script of Haiku. We will show you the installation using the installoptionalpackage script.

To install lua 5.2 look at Haikudepot


To install sdllook at Haikudepot.

Run a lua script

A lua script to start using egsl is very simple. Open a Terminal and enter "egsl" and the path to the lua script:

egsl /path/to/the/script.lua

Generate a executable binary

If you want to generate a executable binary file from a lua script using egsl you only need to enter in a Terminal the following commands:

makeexe egsl /path/to/the/script.lua /path/to/output/file.exe

The binary file is not yet executable. The files have to be made executable with chmod +x before:

chmod +x /path/to/output/file.exe



Tutorial By Christian Albrecht, January 2012
Revision by Lorenz Glaser Feb. 2018
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