BShisen is a game that is based on traditional Chinese board game Shisen-Sho. There is only one difference between Shisen-Sho and BShisen, BShisen comes with BeOS symbols instead of Chinese symbols.


To install BShisen is very simple. Just copy the program folder to a location of your choice and start the game by startting the gamefile.


The aim of this game is to remove all tiles from the game board. To remove a tile you need to mark two equal tiles with the mouse.

You can always just remove that tiles who can be connected on direct line to each other. You does not can remove tiles who arranged diagonally. How less tiles on the playing field, the possibility is higher to remove tiles, because you get more chances to remove tiles directly.

The play filed can be set in different sizes ... only need to select in the menu bar the option Game and then Size and then the size for the play filed.

If there is no more possible selection of tiles the game is directly clodes and lost. This means as long as the game runs there are a removealbe tile pair. You will find absolutely no more tile pairs? No problem, the game can show you a available tileset pair.

Select in the menu bar the option Game and then Suggest Move. The game mark a pair of tiles on the play field for some seconds.


The game is themeable, that means you can change the graphics of the game.

  • Background: In the preferences of the game you can set a background picture. You can find the Preferences in the menu bar Game.

    Here you can enter a background picture at Background Picture. Unfortunately there is no function to browse the system for the picture, so you must enter the path and name of the images by hand. You need to restart the game to display the background picture.
  • Tileset: Also, the tiles can be changed. You can find many tilesets for BShisen in the internet.

    To add another tileset in the game, open the BShisen directory and switch into the directory Tiles. Here you need to place the new tilesets.

    It is important that each tileset must be in a separate directory. The name of the directory is the name of the tilesets.

    To change the tileset in the game, select in the menu bar the option Tiles and there the wanted tile set. To use the new tileset restart the game.


Do you want to create your own tile set? Check out our Tutorial




Tutorial by Christian Albrecht, Juni 2013
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku knowledge base.