System: Haiku, BeOS, Zeta

Still yet another Sokoban is, as the name says, a classic sokoban game. Created by David Joffe 2002.

Target of the game is to move all wooden boxes to the target fields.
Since you only can push the boxes, not pulling it, you have to think well in advance how to going on. A very tricky but also interesting game.

The game is operated via the keyboard. In addition to a practical undo function, you also have anytime the chance to reset a level or you can jump to the next or previous Level. So there is no frustration, because if a level is too heavy, you can try the next level and does not hanging permanently on one place.


: wooden box

: target field


  • Alt-Enter: Switch to fullscreen
  • M: next Level
  • N: previous Level
  • R: reset the level
  • U: set back last move/moves
  • S: aktivate/deactivate shadow option
  • A: Informations about the game
  • ESC: Close the game


SYASokoban V1.01

      Download from our repository server.


    GitHub site of David Joffe.


Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) November 2018
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku, BeOS and Zeta knowledge base.