System: Haiku

If you want to share files between machines you can use a ftp client or a filesharing application.

Another way is to use a little tool included in Haiku called PoorMan.

Start up Poorman, you can find it under Applications in your Haiku menu.

Then Poorman start up first time you need to create a shared folder for the webserver. You can create them by default (/boot/home/public_html or you can create a own one selecting over the Select button.

 Then Poorman is running, you can see the shared folder at Directory in the program window.

  Get into the Settings of Poorman, you find them in the File menu under Settings...

In the Settings window activate the option "Send file listing if there's no start page".

Copy all files you want to share with a over machine into the shared folder (dafault: /boot/home/public_html).

 To connect to the Webserver from a other machine you need to know the IP of the Server. Open the Haiku menu and select in Preferences the option Network. Here look and note the IP Address.

Starting up a browser on the other manchine and type in the IP address on that position there you type the address of a website. You get a list of all available files from the webserver. If you select one of the files you can download them.


If you don't want to share your files every time you start up poorman, deselect the option "Send file listing if there's no start page" then you end the process of sharing
Special thanks to Karl vom Dorf (karl) of Haikuware for this tip
Tutorial written by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) 2010
Made available by BeSly the BeOS, Haiku and Zeta knowledge base.