Gem Drop X is a puzzle game by time. It is a port of the original GemDrop game from Atari 8-Bit.


The game does not need to be installed, you can run the game using the Terminal. You need to start the game using the Terminal, because you must to switch into the game folder first.

Starting the Game

As already mentioned you have to start the game via the terminal.

Now open a Terminal window and enter following code:

cd /Path/to/Gamefolder/



The goal of the game is to remove all diamonds from the play field. To remove the diamonds you need to place minimum three identical diamonds side by side or above. The game is timed, you have to remove the diamonds hurry. At the beginning everything is still slow, but how loger a round goes on the game speed up. Always after a certain time the diamonds on the playground dropping down line by line up to the player. If the lines of diamonds touch the player, you have lost the game.


The game is controlled using the keyboard. With the arrow key right and left you can move the player. With the arrow key down you take the diamonds...

...and with the arrow key up you drop the diamonds back to the playground.

At least three identical diamonds will be side by side or above, they are exploding. The player can collect up to ten diamonds at one time.

Keyboard settings

  • ESC = Quit game
  • Space = Start game
  • Arrow key left = Move left
  • Arrow key right = Move right
  • Arrow key down = Take diamonds
  • Arrow key up = Drop diamonds

Now a Startscript for the game

Since it is very annoying to start the game via the terminal, we have built a start script for the game.

Create a text file in the Gem Drop X folder, for example, call it . Then add following code in the file:


string=$(readlink -f $0)
folder=`dirname $string`
cd $folder

The startup script is now created but not yet executed.

Make a right click on the script file and select the menu option Get Info:

Here, press the arrow Permission and mark up all cases by Executeable.

You can of course also download the script: (ZIP File)


You can download Gem Drop X directly from New Breed Software.


Tutorial by Christian Albrecht, Juni 2013
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku knowledge base.