System: Haiku

Hermes is an extraordinary Jump'n' Run game with plenty of bad taste humour. If you feel offended by crude and dirty humour you may run away now. The game also features pixel violence and promotes the consumption of meat. If you are a hardcore vegetarian, you might very much dislike the game or just have a good laugh.

Me and my Son love this classic Jump'n'Run by Retroguru.


To install Hermes add our repository server to HaikuDepot. Open a Terminal and enter following command: 

pkgman add-repo

Then open HaikuDepot in your Application menu and search for Hermes. Select the game and press on Install.

After the installation is complete, you can start the game over the Application menu.

The Controls

      Running forward: Arrow key right


      Running backward: Arrow key left


    Jumping: Arrow key up


The Game

The main part of the game is to end a level. But this is not so easy as it sounds, because the cook Hermes need food to alive and need to got to toilet if he has eat and drink a value of cookies and more.


If Hermes need to go to toilet a smiling shit heap are displayed.

If this happend you need to go to a toilet, they are placed on several point of a level.

If you does not found a toilet and eat much more, you lost a life.

In the middle of the map are a save point, if you die you start here and not on the beginning of the level.

If you lost all your lifes, you have the chance to play the last level again.

The endpoint is a very big toilet. Jump on it to enter the next level.


They are some hidden parts of the level. This can be fileds to hit with the head, extended level parts before the startpoint or behind the endpoint.

Here you can found food, points, monsters and extra life.

The monsters in the game are different. Soem of them can be destroyed jumping on it, other ons can not destroyed and other stoped for some seconds.

If Hermes does not jump, enter the game menu and switch in the options "Use up to jump" with the right arrow key.


Tutorial by Christian Albrecht, September 2017
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku, BeOS and Zeta knowledge base.