System: BeOS, Haiku, Zeta

A new installation of the system is every time process with much work. There are not only personal files on the system to secure, your applications save there settings and profiles on the system and many programs needs a registration file for work.

If you have some experience with the system you can make a new installation much easier. You're E-Mails and many registration data can be saved before you reinstall the system.

The following table lists programs with their file paths to their attitude archives.

Application / File filepath

Beam Settngs /boot/home/config/settings/Beam
E-Mail Archive /boot/home/mail
People - Contacts /boot/home/people
Firefox Bookmarks /boot/apps/Internet/firefox/defaults/profile/
Firefox Profile /boot/home/config/settings/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles
Mozilla/Seamonkey Profile /boot/home/config/settings/Mozilla/
NetPenguin /boot/home/config/settings/_LP_x-zeid-NetPenguin
Refraction /boot/home/config/settings/Refraction
Wonderbrush /boot/home/config/settings/WonderBrush
Pixel / Pixel32 /boot/apps/Graphics/Pixel
Vision /boot/home/config/settings/Vision
GimICQ /boot/home/config/settings/GimICQ
BeMail /boot/home/config/settings/Mail
InsiteContructor /boot/home/config/settings/Raycone
BeShare /boot/home/config/settings/beshare_settings
Transmission /boot/home/config/settings/Transmission
Terminal - bash history /boot/home/bash_history
Installed Themes /boot/home/config/settings/UIThemes
ZETA Decors /boot/beos/etc/decors


- Create a new folder for your data. Copy all your data files into this folder. To find the right target folder after the reinstall, create not only a folder for your data, create all folders from the boot folder to the target folder into this folder.

- If you have unzipped or copied your people files back to the people folder, you need to open and save all people files in the people folder, before your email application can find them. This is a stupid work but better as creating all people file new.

Translation by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) March 2009
Informations collected by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) April 2006
Made available by BeSly, the BeOS, Haiku and Zeta Knowledge base.