The at that time, in Germany, indexed person shooter Wolfenstein 3D is about an American soldier who flees from the castle "Wolfenstein". The game was developed by the software company id Soft and was a milestone in the development of three-dimensional games.            
To install the game, you need the original files of Wolfenstein 3D. This you copy to a location of your choice (for example, /boot/home/Desktop/wolf3d).            

 All files need to be lower case.   


Then copy the program file of wolf3d into the folder with the game files.                       

Sience closing and there is, currently (at time of this tutorial), no download page where you can refer wolf3d.         

Starting the game            
To start wolf3d, you have to change to the program directory, and then run the program file wolf3d through the terminal.            

cd /boot/home/Desktop/wolf3d




- Running with arrow keys

- Shooting with CTRL

- Open/activate door using the SPACE bar



                        Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) June 2016 | Translation June 2016            
            Made available by BeSly, the Haiku knowledge base.