Since I got myself compiled Crimson Fields, I want to pass on this experience to you. Here, I give little additional information about error information. Perhaps there is possibly a better way to compile the game, but this is not known to me. In any case it does :-).

First, you need to download the Source code from the official website of Crimson Fields: The source code is available as a tar archive.

Bow we extract the tar archive:

tar -C /path/to/output-folder -xvf /path/to/crimson-0.5.3.tar.gz

Then we switch to the unpacked source code directory:

cd /path/to/output-folder/crimson

Crimson Fields comes with a configuration script that we run first:

./configure --prefix=/boot/apps/crimson-0.5.3


You can build Crimson Fields without the option --prefix=/boot/apps/crimson-0.5.3 too, but I does not get the game running. With prefix you specify the installation directory, in which the game must be installed. Only in this way the game can find the required components (graphics, maps...).

If you want to compile all additional programs, like level editor, you need to specify more options for the configuration script:

./configure --prefix=/boot/apps/crimson-0.5.3 --enable-cfed --enable-comet --enable-bi2cf --enable-cf2bmp

If this process completes without any error message, we enter the following command:


If the compilation process completes without any errors, we install the game:

 make install

With make install the compiled game and its components will be copied to the specified installation directory.

In order to keep the source code directory clean, run the following command to clean up the directory:

 make clean


Translation by Christian Albrecht, March 2014
Tutorial by Christian Albrecht, March 2014
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku, BeOS and Zeta knowledge base.