Since embed the package management system in Haiku and virtualizing the menu directory structure, it is no longer possible, as in the previous versions to adapt the program menu on a simple way. The more programs are installed, the more confusing is the menu.

Unfortunately, I have a long time not find any description which says if this is still possible or not. Only after a bug report in Haiku Tracker I get a description of how this is possible.

Please note that if you want to make this change, you need to register all menu shortcuts manually. Whether you install a package Haiku directly or via Haiku Depot.

Unfortunately, this is associated with a lot of manual work, but I think that the work will pay if you want to have more order in the menu.

Open the "/boot/home/config/settings/deskbar" directory and do a right-click on the "menu" folder and create a shortcut to the same directory. Gehe in das Verzeichnis führen einen Rechtsklick auf das "menu" Verzeichnis aus und erstelle eine Verknüpfung in das gleiche Verzeichnis. Then change the name of the shortcut into "menu_entries".

The "/boot/home/config/settings/deskbar" directory has a higher priority at displaying as "/boot/system/data/deskbar/menu". Now you see in the menu only the existing links from "/boot/home/config/settings/deskbar".

Now change into the Applications directory and create folders for the program categories (System, Office, Internet, Media...).

Then open parallel to the directory "/boot/system/data/deskbar/menu" and switch into the "Applications" folder. Well linking all listed entries in the directories newly created.

The result can be seen I guess. See left the confusing menu options and right the assorted newly structured menu.

Translation by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) July 2016
Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) December 2015
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku knowledge base.