In this example, I'll show you how to shuffle a deck of 32 cards with no duplicates. The cards are then divided among 3 players.


//karten mischen anhand Skat (32)

dim karte(32)
dim counter(32)
dim karten$(32)
karten$(0)="karo 7"
karten$(1)="karo 8"
karten$(2)="karo 9"
karten$(3)="karo 10"
karten$(4)="karo bube"
karten$(5)="karo dame"
karten$(6)="karo koenig"
karten$(7)="karo Ass"
karten$(8)="herz 7"
karten$(9)="herz 8"
karten$(10)="herz 9"
karten$(11)="herz 10"
karten$(12)="herz bube"
karten$(13)="herz dame"
karten$(14)="herz koenig"
karten$(15)="herz Ass"
karten$(16)="pik 7"
karten$(17)="pik 8"
karten$(18)="pik 9"
karten$(19)="pik 10"
karten$(20)="pik bube"
karten$(21)="pik dame"
karten$(22)="pik koenig"
karten$(23)="pik Ass"
karten$(24)="kreuz 7"
karten$(25)="kreuz 8"
karten$(26)="kreuz 9"
karten$(27)="kreuz 10"
karten$(28)="kreuz bube"
karten$(29)="kreuz dame"
karten$(30)="kreuz koenig"
karten$(31)="kreuz Ass"
for i =1 to 32
next i
for w =1 to 32 // 32 mal ziehen
while(counter(z)>0) z=int(ran(32)) wend counter(z)=counter(z)+1 karte(w)=z next w print "player A" for i=1 to 10 print str$(i)+" : "+str$(karte(i))+" : "+karten$(karte(i)) next i print "player B" for i=11 to 20 print str$(i)+" : "+str$(karte(i))+" : "+karten$(karte(i)) next i print "player c" for i=21 to 30 print str$(i)+" : "+str$( karte(i))+" : "+karten$(karte(i)) next i print "In Stock" for i=31 to 32 print str$(i)+" : "+str$( karte(i))+" : "+karten$(karte(i)) next i