The yab - What is what?

This list will show you that you can do with what command. If you know how your idear looks like but you don't know which command you need to use it, you can look into this list and then you can get the right command from the yab Commands selecting the command name.



The window is the main component of all applications with a GUI. On this component all other components are put on.                                        

A VIEW is an opinion set on a Window or other VIEW. You don't can see this VIEW then it is colored in the same color as the component there it placed on. The advantage of a VIEW ist hat you can close and reopen a view without colseing the window.                                        


With MENU you can add menu options into your Application. You can set menus and submenus.                                        



With Button you can create switching surfaces for program options. You can use standard buttons or graphical buttons.                                        

CHECKBOX & RADIOBUTTON                                                
CHECKBOXEs and RADIOBUTTONs find use in the most cases if one liked to determine a program inquiry or options of the user.                                        
A TEXTCONTROL is an input field for the User. You can use it for text output too. There is no scrolling option for this component.                                        
A LISTBOX is a List of informations or options for the User. The LISTBOX is vertical and horizontal scrollable.                                        
A DROPBOX is a BUTTON with drop down menu.                                        
The TEXTEDIT is like a TEXTCONTROL but you can make it scrollable. TEXTEDIT is a component you find in every Text editor.                                        
 A BOXVIEW is a view with a frame and a  option to set a Header for it.                                        
With SCROLLBARS you can make a view scrollable.                                        
A TABVIEW is a view with a TAB. With a TABVIEW you can place more than one View above the other. With clicking on the TAB you switch the View. You can name the tab.                                        
A STACKVIEW is a component there views lie one above the other. You can sitch between the views using commands.                                        
A SPLITVIEW is a VIEW, which is split into several parts. You can split vertical, horizontal or vertical and horizontal. The size of the splited views are variable.                                        
With a SLIDER you can make available a option for the user in order to setup a number or size.                                        
With a STATUSBAR you can show a status of a process.                                        
With TREEBOX you can create a tree menu.                                        
A TEXTURL is a link in a text.                                        
A COULUMNBOX is a table with columns and rows.                                        
With FILEPANEL the user can select a save or load place in the system.                                        
With SPINCONTROL you give the user a option to select a number.                                        
With CALENDAR you can display a calendar.                                        
A CANVAS is a view with special attributes. On a canvas you can draw flicker-free. This is important for games.                                        

Translation by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) Mai 2007
Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) Mai 2007
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku knowledge base.