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The BeSly - Tutorial Finder is a small program which is designed to facilitate the search of tutorials on the Haiku, BeOS and Zeta knowledge base BeSly.

All Tutorials included this program are not listed by type of program, like on the website, they are listed by keywords. In addition, you can let the programs list by language, author, and system type.

Also tutorials summarized into "tips and tricks" are listed in this program.






To install BuildLOG take it from our dowload site.


    • Have you downloaded the program as a ZIP-archive, unpack it to a place of your choice and starting it by double-clicking the program file.


    • Open the HPKG file (Haiku Package File) with a double click.
    • Select "Install" to install the program.


  • BeSly Tutorial Finder can also be conveniently installed on "HaikuDepot". In addition, our "software repository server" must contained in "HaikuDepot".

    To add our server in HaikuDepot, open a terminal and enter the following command:
    pkgman add-repo

    Now, "BeSly Software Solutions" listed in the dropdown list for the repository server.

    Enter into the search line "tutorialfinder" and choose the appropriate program from the list. Press here as in the HPKG installation on "Install" and BeSly Tutorial Finder will be installed.

If you have installed BeSly Tutorial Finder from a HKKG-file the program is selectable over the "Application" menu.

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Searching and opening Tutorials

Once you start the program, the tutorials are listed by keywords. Then you select one of the keywords, all available tutorials are listed in the right table. The tutorial itself is opened by double clicking on it in the table.

Using the drop-down menu "sorted by ..." you can change the list of keywords. If we choose for example Haiku are listed only instructions that deal with haiku and its programs.

It is not always advisable to list only tutorials written in a particular language. Often instructions that are written in other languages (by the pricutes) help to solve problems.

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Update database

To update the tutorials-database, go to the "app" menu and select "Update Database".

If there is no newer version of the database available, this is indicated by an information.

If a newer version of the database available, select in the information window "Update". Then, the latest version will be downloaded and installed. Once the information window is closed, the database is updated.

If after updating the database, no new tutorials are displayed, restart the program.

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Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) October 2013/August 2015
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku, BeOS and Zeta knowledge base.