There are several types of buildings. All these buildings can be captured and used by himself.

I will here describe only two building types, as all the other buildings are to be used in the same way.

To enter one of the buildings, do a double-click on the entrance of the building.


In the depot all units standing in this building are displayed.

Do a double-click in a unit to move them out of the building.

If you click on a unit single time, unit informations are displayed. You can repair a unit using the repair button (broken first-aid-cross).


In a factory you can repair units too, and now you can create new units.

To create a new unit, press on the symbol of hammer/tank, and select a unit to produce. The new unit will be displayed in the list of units and can be used next round.


The ability to produce and/or to repair is limited. This always depends on the number of crystals. How many crystals the respective building have, can you see in the top right of the building view ( Blue Crystal ).

Production of water units is only possible in harbor buildings. 

Translation by Christian Albrecht, March 2014
Tutorial by Christian Albrecht, March 2014
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku, BeOS and Zeta knowledge base.