System: Haiku

The HPKG Creator is a program that allows you to create Haiku package files. At the time of this tutorial, there were, besides the HPKG Creator, only the possibility HPKG files on the commandline to create.

The HPKG Creator is a GUI (General User Interface) for the command line program package.

This is not an official program of the Haiku team, but a project of the BeSly Software Solutions.

The program should not be a substitute for an official installer.



hpkgcreator install

To install HPKG Creator, refer a copy of BeSly Downloads, unzip the downloaded package and copy or move the file hpkgcreator.hpkg to: /boot/home/config/packages.

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The program

hpkgcreator start

To start the HPKG Creator, you can find this, after installation, at: /boot/home/config/apps/HPKGCreator

hpkgcreator main

If you have never created a HPKG, will be a little overwhelmed at the sight of the program, what has to be done now. Therefore this tutorial.

In the Upper field data indicated that the package management system (Haiku Depot) tells what kind of program it is.

In the lower part are two file listings. The left shows the system and the rights the package folder.

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Create HPKG

hpkgcreator name

We start with the details of the HPKG. Fill out all input fields at the top and choose the appropriate system type (Architecture).

  • Name: Here the name is specified for the program.
     The program name must be the same as that of the program (executable file). A distinction must be paid to the correct spelling (upper-lower case, character, etc) and can not contain free spaces (the command line tool does not support it).
  • Version: Here enter the version of the program into the front input field and a revision number in the second field.
  • Architecture: Select the system type on that the program are created.
  • Summary: Add here a short description of the program.
  • Description: Add here a detailed description of the program.
  • Packager: Give here the name of the HPKG creator. This can be either just the name, or be combined with an email address. To attach an e-mail address write this set in angle brackets (<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>) behind the name.
  • Vedor: Add here the owner/creator of the program.
  • Copyrights: Add here the copyright owner.
  • Licenses: Add the license of the program.

hpkgcreator editormenu

For experienced package creator there is an editor that allows you to expand the package information. To open the editor select in the Package- menu the option Editor.

How does the Editor works will be descript on a later part of this Tutorial.

hpkgcreator newfolder

Next, we create a new folder in the Package Folder. To do this, select in the File menu the option New Folder.

hpkgcreator foldername

Add a name for the folder in the input field Enter Folder Name:. In the tutorial we create the folder apps. This folder is according informative of this Tutorial on the program folder.

Please note that the development of the package management System is not yet complete and there may be variations here later. Please always inform only about the provisions herein.

Next press on Create to create the folder.

Now the directory apps in the directory listing Package Folder is displayed.

Now go with a double click into the apps folder and make there another directory with the name of the program (here HPKGCreator). Then change into this directory.

hpkgcreator copy

Next, choose in the system directory listing one by one all the program belonging files and directories and copy them via the corresponding menu File, Copy from the program directory into the package Directory.

 For some discussions on IRC, I've heard that the data in the HPKG files can not be changed, so you should, if you have the possibility to it, ensure that changeable files are saved into another location of the system.

If in addition to the program files or other accessories to be installed, create directories in this regard (eg add-ons) in the Package Folder directory and copy these files into it.

Then press on Create to create the HPKG package.

hpkgcreator hpkg

The created HPKG file will be stored on the Desktop with the specified Name.

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Save a Project

hpkgcreator saveproject

At any time you can save the current processing status of a project. Again the specified Name is now the name of the project.

To save a project, select in the Package menu the option Save project.

Open a Projekt

hpkgcreator openproject

To open a project, select one in the Package menu at Open project.

Delete a Projekt

hpkgcreator deleteproject

To delete a project, select one in the Package menu at Delete project.

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The Editor

The editor named at the beginning of this Tutorial allow you to add more package information.

hpkgcreator editor

The operation of the editor will be unfamiliar to the most.

In the upper part of the Editor the content of the package file .PackageInfo are displayed.

If you want to edit a line, select it from the corresponding row and edit this in the lower editing area.

To accept the change, press on Edit.

If you write multiple lines in the editing, they are inserted from the selected row.

When you're done editing, changing back to the main view by pressing the Back button.

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Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) April 2014
Translated by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) April 2014
Made available by BeSly, the BeOS, Haiku and Zeta knowledge base.