System: Haiku

gcc - fast compile is a little program to compile quick and direct a c or cpp sourcecode using the command line tool gcc.

gcc fastcompile

The idea to this program came to me as I tried various shell program to recompile for Haiku. Since the source codes had no makefiles, I had to go directly over gcc and then all files with the extension .c or. Cpp append. That was very nervous and finally gave me the reason to write this program.

The program has a drop zone on which you can drop all files from the source code folder. Via the dropzone all files with the endings .c and .cpp are filtered out and inserted into the command line output.

The automatic creation of the command line output is very simple.

cd /path/to/source; gcc -o /path/to/output_file source1.c source2.c...

If you have more experience in handling gcc, you can customize the command line output arbitrarily. The help output of the currently on the system installed gcc is also displayed in the program.

The command line is ready for output, press on compile to start the compilation process.


To install gcc - fast compile take it from our download site.

Open the HPKG file (Haiku Package File) with a double click. Select "Install" to install the program.

The program can be conveniently installed on "HaikuDepot" too. In addition, our "software repository server" must contained in "HaikuDepot"

To add our server in HaikuDepot, open a terminal and enter the following command: 

pkgman add-repo

Now, "BeSly Software Solutions" listed in the dropdown list for the repository server.

Enter into the search line "gcc-fastcompile" and choose the appropriate program from the list. Press here as in the HPKG installation on "Install" and gcc-fastcompile will be installed.

You can start the program over the "Application" menu.


Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin), October 2016
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku, BeOS and Zeta knowledge base.